Large File Transfer Solutions

If you need to transfer large files on a regular basis, you know the problems involved. E-mail is not an efficient method. Most ISP's have limits on the size of e-mails you can send, and on the amount of e-mail the receiver can have in his mailbox. Burning CD's works, but delivery is slow. Now Innovative has developed alternatives.

Enhanced FTP

You are allowed up to 4 "guest ftp accounts". These guest accounts are allowed to upload to upload to/download from a specific area only - they cannot get to your web site or any other location on our server.

Web Transfer

You get three web pages:

  1. The upload page, for others to upload files to you.
  2. The download page, for others to download files from you.
  3. The administration page. This page lets you download files others have uploaded, upload files for others to retrieve, or delete files you no longer need. It also lets you create or delete upload/download users.

All you need to use web transfer is a browser - no special software is required. Some versions of the Macintosh OS may have difficulty interpreting the file type when downloading.

With both alternatives, extra space can be purchased if needed.