Bulk mailing of E-zines and E-newsletters

Newsletters are used by many companies to educate, inform, and increase their visibility. An E-Mail based newsletter or “e-zine” is an excellent way to accomplish this task without the hassle and expense of printing and mailing. All newsletters hosted by BusinessNet are “opt-in” newsletters. Call us at 732-683-0092 or E-Mail us to sign up today.
A.  E-Mail newsletters usually take one of 3 forms:
  • Plain text - this is the simplest and most common. Formatting is limited and it is not too visually exciting, but it fine for most purposes. It is also the closest thing to a universally accepted format - every mail client can handle it. You can include links to web sites for material that requires graphics or special formatting.

  • HTML text - It gives your newsletter the visual excitement of a web page. The newsletter consists of text, including HTML tagging. If graphics are to be used, they can be uploaded to a web site and linked to or attached to the mail message. The newsletter should be designed to load quickly - most people are not patient about waiting for mail to display. There is also a problem of compatibility. Some E-Mail clients do not display HTML text, or do not display it correctly. It is usually best to keep it simple.

  • PDF or other formats - This type takes the most expertise to produce. If using pdf format, you need software to create the newsletter, plus the Adobe software (Acrobat distiller) to convert it to pdf. This is not for the faint of heart, but it gives you design possibilities you cannot get with the previously mentioned formats. Some companies, if they are already producing a printed newsletter, will create a pdf version, upload it to their web site, and link to it. They will also include a link to the Adobe web site for downloading the free Acrobat reader.

    Some have also tried to use other formats, such as Microsoft Word. This is more problematic, as all your readers must have the same fonts you used to create the newsletter. This is more suited to environments where everyone has the same configuration, such as a large office.

B.  How BusinessNet Newsletters Work
    You will need to supply us with specific information to set up your mailing list when you sign up. For example, newsletter name, an e-mail address for the newsletter owner, and all E-Mail addresses allowed to send (post) your newsletter. When your newsletter has been set up, you will receive an E-Mail addressed to the newsletter owner. Once you receive this E-Mail, your newsletter is ready for business. You may wish, however, to do some additional setup, such as adding intro text (also known as a welcome message) and info text. We have easy to use instructions on the Newsletter Administration page in our Member Login section for instructions on how to do this.

    Your mailing list can be pre-loaded (just make sure everyone has agreed to receive your e-mail). Subscribers can also sign up using a form on your web site (if you have one), or they can sign up via E-Mail.

All newsletters hosted by BusinessNet are “opt-in” newsletters. When someone subscribes, a confirmation E-Mail is sent. They must respond to this E-Mail before their subscription will take effect.

To send out an issue of your newsletter, simply compose an E-Mail (in whatever format you choose) containing the text of your newsletter and send it to “newsletterName@yourdomainname.com/net/org/etc”. Make sure the sender, or “From:” of the E-Mail is one of the addresses you selected to post from. Your newsletter will automatically be re-sent to all of your subscribers.